Snd:arc- (Sound and Architecture) videos

27 05 2007

Snd:arc- (Sound and Architecture) a free evening of live sound art and visual experimentation took place Friday 18th May 8:00 – 11:30pm at Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Road, Broadstairs, England. Below are some videos of the performances and experimental films which happened on the night.

Matt Wright – Turntablist Improvisation (below)

Andy Birtwistle & Liz Samson – Mongdular (below)

Mongdular seeks to temporarily (and problematically) situate the architecture of the Broadstairs campus within the history of heroic modernism by providing the buildings surrounding the open courtyard with a soundtrack.

Pascal Bouchet – Telluric 1 (below)

Ampersand – Skyscraper Symphony (below)

A film by Robert Flory 1929 USA. Music by London based experimental sound artists Ampersand.

Garrett Lynch – RE:soundings (below, best heard on headphones)

Every sound produced during the performance is captured and manipulated live from radio signals. Both location and surrounding architecture dictate reception of signals, their quality and use. The version here is a recording of a view of the stage performance. See an alternative view of the performance here.

Paul Adams – Snd> Arc (below in two parts)

Re-imagining Visual Structures through captured sound frequencies.

Live improvisation by Paul Adams, Andy Birtwistle, Garrett Lynch and Matt Wright (below in two parts).

All Open Ear events are available to view on our Youtube space.




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27 05 2007
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