Open Ear in Cardiff Videos and Photographs

17 06 2008

Videos and photographs from the Open Ear in Cardiff event on the 13th of June are now online and can be seen below in running order (videos are also on our YouTube site).

Many thanks to all the performers who gave fantastic performances on the night and many of whom travelled great distances to make this event a success as well as the artists who submitted some inspirational video works from all over the world. Also thanks to those who worked on the event including some students from CCI at the University of Glamorgan.

Videos: Chris Gardner & Dale James
Photography: Sally Smart
Lighting: Adam Williams
Vision mixing and graphic design (posters and flyers): Frédérique Santune

Emanations by Brian DeLevie & Isshaela Ingham

Above Brian DeLevie & Isshaela Ingham : Emanations

Above Matt Wright : Vent Glacier

Above Ampersand : Ampersand Live

Energie! by Thorsten Fleisch & Jens Thiele

Above Thorsten Fleisch & Jens Thiele : Energie! (online here)

Above Elektronengehirn (Malte Steiner) : Elektronengehirn

Above Garrett Lynch : Trav—erse

Try Hard Johnny! by Valentina Besegher & Alessandro Massobrio

Above Valentina Besegher & Alessandro Massobrio : Try Hard Johnny! (extract online here)

Above Richard Bowers, Ian Watson, Nic Finch & Jon Ruddick : Thaw

Above Paul Adams : PrifArc56 vs. The Artifact

Vertigo by John Kannenberg

Above John Kannenberg : Archisonics: Vertigo (online here)

Drishti II by Jen-Kuang Chang

Above Jen-Kuang Chang : Drishti II

Above Rob Smith, Ben Challis & Ian Wiblin : Untitled

Above Georg Boenn : Genova VII 2001

Future Memories by Scott Kildall

Above Scott Kildall : Future Memories (extracts online here)


Open Ear in Cardiff – Open Call for Works

16 05 2008

The call for works is now


Please do not submit works as they will now not be considered. If you have already submitted work, thank you very much for your submission, selected performances / projections will be announced shortly and performers will be contacted.

Open Ear in Cardiff – Open Call for Works

11 04 2008

:: Open Ear – Cardiff 13/06/08, open call for works ::

On June 13th 2008, Open Ear will host a free one night only event of experimental work in the ATRiuM Theatre at the University of Glamorgan’s newly built ATRiuM, Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, Cardiff, Wales ( Curated by Garrett Lynch ( the event will present a series of interdisciplinary performances and projections by various artists.

Sound and visual artists / groups working across the areas of art, music, media and new technologies within live performance / projected contexts are invited to contribute to this event under an open theme.

What does this mean?

There is no imposed theme instead we want to present a selection of time-based work by artists based on their themes, their continuing research, as an event which will explore the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of audio-visual arts. Proposed performances / projected works can be new or pre-existing works, improvised, dynamically generated (such as software art) or pre-composed, abstract or figurative, individual or collaborative, experimental, site specific and much, much more. All proposals are required to be:

  1. time-based (remember this is a audience based event in a theatre)
  2. and ether audio-visual, audio only or visual only work (selection preference will be given to works which are audio-visual).

Works should aim to be a maximum of 30 minutes each however this is flexible.

As the event is free we are unable to offer individual payment to artists however we will provide access to reasonable requests for equipment (please include a list of requirements in your proposal and we will attempt to cater for this) at the venue and of course the opportunity to present work in one of Cardiff’s newest cutting edge venues.

Proposals should take the form of a word / pdf / rtf / txt document (two pages maximum) with:

  1. A description of the work (500 words maximum).
  2. Images to give us an idea of the proposed work.
  3. A full list of required equipment (please note that the event will host several performers so complex configurations involving lengthy set-up times will not be catered for).
  4. Urls to previous examples of work online (videos or sound files online are particularly useful).
  5. A short bio (200 words maximum).
  6. Artist(s) / group / performer(s) name and full contact details.

Please email proposals as compressed attachments (.zip / .dmg / .sit / .sitx / tar.gz / .tgz) to Garrett Lynch (garrett [at] asquare dot org) no later than 12pm (GMT), Friday 16/05/08.

To get an idea of the type of events we organise please see the rest of this site for full details of all past events and our YouTube account for videos of pasts events.

:: The Venue ::

The University of Glamorgan’s newly built ATRiuM in Cardiff, Wales opened in 2007 and houses the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries which comprises of Art & Design, Media & Communication and Drama & Music. Situated in central Cardiff, Wales, this specially-designed building contains cutting edge technology and facilities including industry-standard studios, a theatre and cinema.

Address: ATRiuM Theatre, Adam Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF24 2FN

Detailed information on how to get here can be found on the university website.

Open Ear, audio-visual events and performances are supported by The University of Glamorgan, ATRiuM, Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, Cardiff, Wales.

Videos and images from the Cinema event

21 03 2008

Below are videos and images of work shown at the Cinema event on the 11/03/08 in their order of appearance . A big thanks to all those who participated in the event and contributed to a successful and diverse evening. Special thanks to Sebastian Robinson for the videos of all performances.

Inga Burrows & Sean Tuan John - The Lock

Above: Inga Burrows & Sean Tuan John – The Lock (work viewable here)

Above: Frédérique Santune – B. a. s. e. m. e. n. t. (a short extract)

John Kannenberg - Diptych

Above: John Kannenberg – Diptych

Above: Frédérique Santune – A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn

Above: Frédérique Santune – A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew

Adam Chapman : Slanted Noon

Above: Adam Chapman : Rope: Unraveled, Rewoven

Above: Semiconductor : Brilliant Noise

Above: Semiconductor : Time Out of Place

Above: Semiconductor : Sonic Inc. (part 1)

Above: Semiconductor : Sonic Inc. (part 2)

Paul Adams - PrifArc56-Noise sieve

Above: Paul Adams : PrifArc56-Noise sieve

Cinema – 11/03/08

13 02 2008


The End of Dans la Nuit (1929) by Charles Vanel

:: Cinema – 11/03/08 ::

The majority of cinema as a form seeks to:

  1. capture ideas and impressions of the spaces and places we inhabit or
  2. visualise those we can’t.

The former of these, representation, has been more dominant throughout cinema’s history. The lens has in effect become a means of capturing our ‘reality’, allowing us to store and later reproduce sights and sounds to be replayed as a substitute for personal memories.

With the arrival of computing and it’s now widespread use within cinema we see the latter begin to take dominance. Cinema as representation is changing to cinema as simulation, creating an era more important than the transition from silent to sound or from black and white to colour. Cinema has the possibility to become a form without any necessarily inferred referent, it is known, quantifiable (pixels) and so can be modified, abstracted, constructed in numerous ways. It’s method of production can be improved, changed or even reconceived allowing it’s authors to work as never before. Cinema arrives at the end of an era with promise of a new one enabling it to become immersive, live, participative, interactive, navigable, recombinatory, distributed, networked, coded etc.

On March 11th (8pm till late) Open Ear will host an event curated by Garrett Lynch ( at Canterbury Christ Church University Broadstairs Campus entitled Cinema presenting performances and screenings on this theme. Works will address the future of cinema and explore a diverse set of possible directions. The line-up for the evening will be as follows:

:: The Venue ::

Canterbury Christ Church University Broadstairs Campus, situated on the east coast of Kent, England approximately 30 minutes from Canterbury, opened in 2000 with a wide selection of higher education courses. The campus is committed to the arts and cultural regeneration of the area and regularly host’s events, exhibitions and performances on site.

Address: Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2WA, England.

Detailed information on how to get here can be found on the university website.

Open Ear, audio-visual events and performances 2007 – 2008 are supported by Canterbury Christ Church University.

Memory Photo’s

21 12 2007

The third Open Ear event “Memory” went very well featuring a great new performance from Janek Schaefer. Bob Levene from the “Automated Noise Ensemble” played recordings of cymbals engraved onto cymbals via a turntable along with another group piece on prepared turntables. Pictures below, videos to follow soon..

Janek Schaefer

Janek Schaefer performing a new piece composed with children’s records.

Automated Noise Ensemble
Automated Noise Ensemble performing a piece for prepared turntables.

Network event videos

26 11 2007

Videos from the Network event on the 20/11/07, the second of the Open Ear events which continue until April next year, are below in the nights running order, performers name and titles are underneath each video.

The next Open Ear event, curated by Matt Wright, is Memory on Tuesday 11/12/07. More details about performances will be posted soon.

Above: Tim Long – A Relay of Joy

Above: John Wild – Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz – The Conduit

Above: Paul Adams – Pri-network

Above: Pascal Bouchet Asselah – In the night, the light (dans la nuit, la lumière)

Above: Matt Wright – Collective Horizontal

Above: Garrett Lynch – Trav—erse

Above: Cracktux – Noise Garden (part 1)

Above: Cracktux – Noise Garden (part 2)