28 01 2008

Open Ear Presents: Noise

“An abrasive meelee of sound collisions, challenging the aesthetic of listening pleasure.”

“Movement beyond the comfort zone.”

Featuring the following artists:

Paul Adams
Matt Wright

8:00pm Tuesday 5th February 2008


Network event videos

26 11 2007

Videos from the Network event on the 20/11/07, the second of the Open Ear events which continue until April next year, are below in the nights running order, performers name and titles are underneath each video.

The next Open Ear event, curated by Matt Wright, is Memory on Tuesday 11/12/07. More details about performances will be posted soon.

Above: Tim Long – A Relay of Joy

Above: John Wild – Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz – The Conduit

Above: Paul Adams – Pri-network

Above: Pascal Bouchet Asselah – In the night, the light (dans la nuit, la lumière)

Above: Matt Wright – Collective Horizontal

Above: Garrett Lynch – Trav—erse

Above: Cracktux – Noise Garden (part 1)

Above: Cracktux – Noise Garden (part 2)